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Spotlight – February 9th, 2011

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  • February 9, 2011

February 9th, 2011 – Alan Kong

Name: Alan Kong
Nickname: Quailman
Class: Iota Spring 2010
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Major: Mathematics and Economics
Big Brother: Bryant “Showtime” Tran
Positions: Banquet,
Organizations: Pi Delta Psi, Revolve, Korean American Student Association

How did you hear about Pi Delta Psi?
Justin Wu, our current president, added me on facebook and told me about Pi Delta Psi. I did some research about it and I really wanted to join. Loved everything Pi Delta Psi stood for.

Why did you  join Pi Delta Psi?
Whenever I saw the brothers, they were very close to each other. I wanted brothers and a home away from home. I also talked to Bryant Tran at a rush even and hearing him speak so highly of the fraternity made me want to join more.
The main reason that made me want to join was because of all the racism I have dealt with when I was younger. I wanted to join something more than just an ordinary organization that supports students to do something more with their liv

Has Pi Delta Psi Changed you since you became a brother?
It definitely has. I never thought I could have an experience like this. I am now a humble, confident and respectful person. Through Pi Delta Psi, I’ve been slowly becoming the man I wanted to be. And through PDPsi, I learned to do everything with passion and heart.

What is your most memorable moment since you’ve been a brother?
Just chilling with the brothers are all memorable moments. Through these minuscule gatherings, I formed special bonds with each brother. Just being around brothers makes moments memorable.

Do you have any words of advice for younger brothers and potential brothers?
Do everything you can without burning out. This is your time to shine. Go get what you want and stay like this throughout life. Never give up in anything you do because can’t and impossible are merely words that hold you down. Make this fraternity the way you want it and never ever complain when things get hard. We are giving our all to see Pi Delta Psi grow. Throw away selfish motives sometimes and do things just because you need to.
Potential brothers
Pi Delta Psi is much more than you can see or imagine. It’s a brotherhood that you can never feel without experiencing. We can tell you all the great things we offer but you can never fully see it unless you’re a brother. College is about opportunities and seizing it at the right time. Opportunities are everywhere so why let them slip away. This is you time to change the world around you but most importantly change who you are. Mundane life is easy but will it be rewarding in the end?

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