Congratulations to Justin Chiou as the Kollaboration Boston 2012 Winner!

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  • April 25, 2012

On April 21st of 2012, Justin Chiou competed in and won the Kollaboration Boston 2012 show. He played on a stage to hundreds of people in the audience against professional and college artists. This accomplishment is not only exemplary of himself as a musician and full-time student, but is also a tremendous step forward for our chapter at Northeastern University and even all of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc. His success, along with others, proves to the nation and to the city of Boston that Northeastern University Pi Delta Psi is a front runner organization comprised of individuals with talent, charisma, and spirit. Our fraternity is now even bigger and stronger because of Justin.

Throughout the process of competition, Justin always found opportunities to represent our fraternity in every way possible. Whether it be adorning our letters on camera and in the auditions,  or even utilizing our call at the end of his final performance, his actions prove that his identification as a brother of Pi Delta Psi was not only a meaningful quality within himself, but that it was also something to be fervently and repeatedly declared to the Asian American community.

This joyful memory and achievement is one that will hopefully be shared and carried on for years to come. So, congratulations Justin. We are so proud of what you are becoming not only as a talented individual, but as a man and a brother. Through your actions, heart, and musicianship, may the letters Pi Delta Psi resonate through in all that you do.

© 2015 Kevin Yang

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